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  • My name is Claire Daly and as well as living with PCOS, I am a Mum, wife, food lover and an Accredited Practising Dietitian / Nutritionist living in Melbourne Australia. I have had PCOS for over 25 years and been through some challenges to get pregnant, but am now a Mum to two health boys, conceived in my late thirties and early forties. I'm passionate about helping women with PCOS realize it's possible to love food and manage your PCOS too. Yes you need to eat healthy and manage your weight and lifestyle. That doesn't have to be boring though! Throughout the years I have worked in private practice helping LOTS of women manage ther PCOS, improve their fertility, lose weight and improve their health. I have worked with several fertility specialists, conducted patient education sessions for Monash IVF and developed resources on PCOS for other Dietitians to use. Right now I'm having a break from one on one appointments, so i'm spreading the word through this blog. Thanks for coming along for the journey, Claire.

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